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Bratislava - Danube quay at Night

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... Cities and Towns of Slovakia, it's History, People, Folklore, Customs and Etiquette. About amazing places were was written History. Slovakia is a small country in Central Europe with over 200 Castles, Chateaus, Forts or it's ruins ...

Eastern Slovakia - Spissky Castle - The biggest castle in Central Europe

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... about Slovak History from times of the old Celtic and Germanic tribes, through arrival of Slavs and Great Moravian Empire and Medieval Austrian-Hungarian Empire up to present days. Geographical facts and statistics of Slovakia...

Cicmany - A traditional Slovak Village - UNESCO Heritage

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... with Slovak Traditions like traditional food, dress, folk music, songs, tales, crafts, architecture, traditional customs, weddings, christmas and easter celebration and much much more ...

A Forest stream in Slovak Paradise - One of nine Slovak National Parks

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... Slovakia's Natural treaures, rich fauna and flora with species that do not live anywhere else on this planet. About Slovak Natural Parks and it's walking trails full of wonderful natural views, rocky mountains, deep woods, caves, lakes, rivers and other interesting places that can be hardly found in such amount anywhere else ...

Slovak Economy

Slovak Economy

Economy - overview:

Slovakia has made significant economic reforms since its separation from the Czech Republic in 1993. Reforms to the taxation, healthcare, pension, and social welfare systems helped Slovakia consolidate its budget and get on track to join the EU in 2004 after a period of relative stagnation in the early and mid 1990s and to adopt the euro in January 2009. Major privatizations are nearly complete, the banking sector is almost entirely in foreign hands, and the government has helped facilitate a foreign investment boom with business friendly policies. Slovakia's economic…

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The Government

The Government

Country name:

conventional long form: Slovak Republic
conventional short form: Slovakia
local long form: Slovenska Republika
local short form: Slovensko

Government type:

parliamentary democracy


name: Bratislava
geographic coordinates: 48 09 N, 17 07 E
time difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

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Demographic facts

Demographic facts


noun: Slovak(s)
adjective: Slovak

Ethnic groups:

Slovak 85.8%, Hungarian 9.7%, Roma 1.7%, Ruthenian/Ukrainian 1%, other and unspecified 1.8% (2001 census)


Slovak (official) 83.9%, Hungarian 10.7%, Roma 1.8%, Ukrainian 1%, other or unspecified 2.6% (2001 census)


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